Society Library

Our new Society Library was launched at the general meeting on Monday, March 9, 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Agnes More at the table. The books have been donated by Stephen Radcliffe of the Lakeview Garden Centre in Lefroy with the exception of the Floral Design books that have been donated by Ruth Bolt, Johanna Chudzinski and Linda Becic. We have 80 books in our library.

The following rules will apply when you borrow books:
You can take out a maximum of three books
The books must be returned or renewed at the following general meeting
The late return penalty  is $1.00 a month
If you loose a book you will be charge the full replacement price
If you want a specific book brought to the meeting call Jenni (705-456-3163)
All books must be returned by the October general meeting

Since we have no way of keeping the books at the Community Centre they are being kept at Jenni Murrell’s house and you will be able to borrow and return books directly to her.

The Library Committee has done its best in categorizing the books, hopefully you will be able to find what you are interested in by clicking on the attachments below:

Library Collection

The links below list our books according to category:

Herb GardeningHerb Uses
Plant SelectionPerennials